Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

1. When I look to the left, I see my big puffy winter coat, which I never use anymore .

2. The living room is the room that has the best view in my home.

3. Let it work itself out.

4. Dirty deeds, of course done dirt cheap!

5. Jury duty is a responsibility that all qualified citizens must share.

6. If you have any extra books feel free to send them my way.

7. And as for the weekend, Friday night I'm looking forward to my friends' law firm grand opening, today my plans include relaxing and Sunday, I want to go to the mall!


Literary Feline said...

I hope that's because the weather is warmer. :-) I nearly answered the same way in #6, but decided against it. It's a great answer though!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Bellezza said...

They are practically the same! No wonder we're friends. I notice you're reading Dr. Zhivago; I love Russian literature. I hope you enjoy it, even though it's awfully heavy on the Bolsheviks. ;)

Janet said...

What books would you like?

Lexi said...


Yeah, I never get any use out of the big winter coat since I moved to Florida. It's just never that cold down here. And, not that I NEED anymore books, it's just an obsession to keep collecting them.


I've been reading Dr. Zhivago since January! My reading time is severely limited by wedding prep. I AM enjoying it, when I have a chance to read it, but I'm not sure it's a book that is best read in small chunks like that. At this point, I'm just ready to be done, but I have to find out how it ends!!!


Oh, I'll take anything. I read it all. Whatcha got?!