Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review: Just Rewards by Barbara Taylor Bradford

So I've finally reached the end of the published books in the Emma Harte saga.  I Mooched this copy of the final book in the series (although the ending definitely left it open for a further continuation...but I'm not sure any more books have been published since this one in 2006 or so...okay, I just checked Bradford's website, and it seems that there is another book - which I do have but didn't realize was one of this series).  This book was just as good as the others.  The first will always be my favorite, but this book focuses on Evan Harte and the other members of the new generation of Hartes, Kallinskis, and O'Neills.

In this book, the family is preparing for Evan's wedding to Gideon, but the family's enemy, Jonathan Ainsley, is once again rearing his ugly head.  The book also features India Standish and her relationship with famed painter Dusty Rhodes, which is threatened by the escape of Dusty's ex, Melinda Crawford, from the detox facility where she has been residing.  Can a many-months-pregnant Evan wed her love without interference from Jonathan Ainsley?  Or will he wreak his vengeance on the Harte family?  Will India and Dusty's relationship survive the death of his young daughter's caretaker and the re-emergence on the scene of the dangerous Melinda?

Four out of five Whatevers.  Life has been in somewhat of an upheaval recently:  I was fired from my job in April, spent about six weeks miserably unemployed, then started a new job at the beginning of June, and moved to a new residence just a week ago.  Between starting the new job and the packing and moving, I needed something light that was easy to get into and out of without difficulty.  And something that was able to capture and keep my attention.  Of course one of Bradford's books was just the thing.  Recommended for anyone who has been faithfully reading the series, like I have.