Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Still Alive

This week was a busy one. Wednesday was the cake tasting for the wedding...we're going with a six-inch cake and individual cupcakes for the guests: vanilla cake with strawberry mousse filling. YUM! I love the place we went for our cake. The cake will totally have palm trees on it.

Thursday was a busy day at work. I was zonked when I got home.

We got our wedding rings in yesterday. Mine is messed up...some weird dark spot on the metal, so I have to take it back. I think Ricky thinks it's a bad omen. Heh.

Last night was the grand opening for my friends' new law firm, so I spent an enjoyable evening eating their food and drinking their beer. Afterward, we went to a local restaurant to take in the reggae band. Good times.

So I've been largely absent from the blogosphere this week. (Which seems to be more of a trend for me.) I guess everyone has those periods of life when we aren't able to spend our time doing the things we WANT to do, because we're so busy doing the things we HAVE to do.

I hope next week is a little calmer. This weekend will be.


Literary Feline said...

Hubby and I never did any cake tasting in preparation for our wedding. I bet it would have been fun though. :-)

Something always has to go wrong with wedding preparations--tell Ricky its a right of passage. LOL Hopefully it won't be too difficult to get the ring fixed.

Lexi said...

The cake tasting was a lot of fun. I brought a couple of friends with us, so that made it even more fun.

I'm headed to the mall today to try to get the ring un-messed-up. I'm hoping there's something relatively easy they can do in the store...otherwise, it'll be a little wait. But we've got time.