Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Super-Busy Week

Not much reading done this week. Again. I went shopping with friends Monday night and ended up buying a BlackBerry. Sigh. Dinner with Ricky's parents and brother on Tuesday. Trivia night on Wednesday night. Girls' Night last night. Hopefully, this upcoming week will be a little calmer.

It's also been a rough week for me, emotionally. A judge that I used to practice in front of passed away suddenly. The memorial service is tomorrow. While I wasn't close to the judge, he was a presence in my life at the courthouse, and it's really made me think a lot about those I love.

I hope to finish up Doctor Zhivago this weekend and then catch up on some of my magazine reading that has fallen by the wayside...


Staci said...

Sorry about the judge passing away. I understand that feeling though. sounds like your week has been pretty busy!! I'm at a wrestling match right now that has been going on for 3 hours so far!!

NerdGirl said...

Sorry to hear about the judge's death. It has been a bad week for the of our judge's had a heart attack this week. I am glad that you have had some fun stuff this week to help counter the shock of the death.