Sunday, August 17, 2008

BBAW and the Pulitzer Project

Amy, at the blog My Friend Amy, is hosting Book Blogger Appreciation Week, September 15-19. I'm joining up, if for no other reason than to discover other book blogs I might like (as if I need more reading!). There are prizes and awards, as well as the creation of a Master Book Blog List! Sounds like it's going to be great! Thanks for hosting this, Amy.

Also, I'm joining the Pulitzer Project, an ongoing challenge in which the goal is to read all of the Pulitzer winners from 1918 to the present. So far, I've read three:

1940 - The Grapes of Wrath (read in high school English class, circa 1992, but which I plan to re-read soon, as I don't remember it)
1953 - The Old Man and the Sea (also read in high school, as a summer read right before my freshman year, 1991 - HATED this book, more than anything I have ever read, except possibly that other Hemingway novel, A Farewell to Arms. Actually, no, I hated Old Man and the Sea more.)
1961 - To Kill a Mockingbird (read in JUNIOR high, in Mrs. Setchell's class, circa 1990. LOVED IT then, loved it when I read it again a few years ago during law school, even love the movie...sigh...Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch.)

It's pretty pathetic that I haven't read any Pulitzer winners since the early 90's. Not even the most recent winners! I believe most, if not all, of these are on my TBR list, but so is every other book in the known world, so I don't know when I'll get to them. Thank goodness for ongoing challenges without deadlines!

You can read more about the Pulitzer Project HERE.

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