Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well, my sisters left for parts north yesterday. I was sad to see them go. We had a great week of beaching it, eating at various restaurants, watching the Olympics, shopping at the bookstore (at The Fiance's suggestion, even!). We didn't really do anything too terribly exciting, but when I'm with my sisters, I don't really want to do anything but hang out. And we definitely accomplished that.

Speaking of the Olympics, I battled supreme fatigue last night to stay up and watch Michael Phelps win his record eighth gold medal at the Games in Beijing. Ricky and I were up off the couch, cheering Lezak on in the last leg of the relay, like a couple of huge dorks. But it was cool to see history being made.

Now that the house is quiet again, maybe I'll get a little more reading done. I need to finish: this month's Glamour, which was started at the beach and is a little waterlogged at the moment; a book belonging to a co-worker, who wants it back, while several other co-workers want to borrow it; my Bookmarks magazine, long abandoned in favor of a library book; and poor Jane Eyre, still stuck with the Riverses, which I put down to read the copy of Bookmarks, and haven't picked back up again. Sigh. I WILL finish all my books!

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