Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, we made it safely through Tropical Storm Fay, with no more damage than some puddles and a broken umbrella. I got to miss work on Tuesday and Wednesday, which SHOULD have made for more reading time, but instead made for more play-drunken-board-games-with-friends time. And the Olympics. They are killing my reading time! And, pretty soon, it will be a new TV season, which means there will be new shows to watch and old favorites to get back into. I can't wait for Heroes and Chuck, particularly, to start back up, as well as The Office and 30 Rock. (I swear, not all of my TV-watching is on NBC, but you wouldn't know it from this post!)

This week I've received Barbara Taylor Bradford's
A Woman of Substance from BookMooch, as well as a copy of The Empress of Weehawken from Picador and LibraryThing. Now I just need to read and review it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend for reading!

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