Friday, September 26, 2008

Book Slump

Although my sidebar says that I'm currently reading The Empress of Weehawken, I'm kind of...not. I haven't been into a book since I finished Defending the Damned a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it's that I liked that book so much, maybe I just needed to let it settle, but I can't seem to get motivated to pick up another book. I've just been reading my Bookmarks and Glamour magazines (of which I have plenty to catch up on, but...) I do tend to need some time between books to mull things over, but this is a little ridiculous. I mean, I finished the last book on Sept. 7 or 8, and it's now the 26th. Sigh.

This is quite an unusual phenomenon for me. I'm almost ALWAYS into some book or another. Well, once I finish the current issue of Glamour, I won't have any choice but to dive back in. Anyone have any ideas to jump-start me?

Oh yeah, I forgot! I made Paula Deen's Low Country Boil last week, to rave reviews from the Fiance'. Amazing, since he doesn't really like seafood. I pared it down to just two servings, from the original six, since we weren't going to consume that much of it (and to save money, too!). It was great. Both of us enjoyed it. I have yet to make something out of her cookbook that isn't excellent. Up next? Bourbon Beef Tenderloin!!!

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