Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: Guardian of the Freedom by Irene Radford

The last published book in this series!  I feel like I've been reading it forever, even though it hasn't even been a year since I read the first one.  This entry in the series was another Kindle book that I purchased through Amazon.

The book follows another descendent of the Merlin, Georgina Kirkwood.  She prefers to dress and act like a man, wearing pants, using men's weapons, even serving in the military.  However, wars eventually end, and Georgie, as she is known, has to return to her brother's home to keep him (the current Pendragon) alive and help the Pendragon line continue.  Something dark haunts the castle and threatens the family and it's up to Georgie to figure out what and stop it.  Her suspicion falls on her cousin Barclay Marlowe, and his father.  They seem to be trying to usurp the power of the Pendragon Society, each for their own end.

Georgie is sent to the New World to spy for the King.  On the ship across the ocean, she meets Roderick Whythe, a man she knew slightly when in the military.  Can she protect her secret double life?  Will Barclay Marlowe succeed in calling up a demon long trapped behind a magic portal?  Will he or his father be able to corrupt the Pendragon Society and take power from the true Pendragon?

I liked this book very much.  Georgie was probably my favorite protagonist in the series, aside from Arylwren in the first book.  I liked her affinity for throwing aside societal conventions and following her own path.  Four out of five Whatevers.  I would suggest, if you plan on reading anything in this series, to start from the beginning.  Although each book could stand alone, it would help to have the chronological background to the Pendragons.  I found each book somewhat jarring at the beginning, because you never knew where in history it was going to start, or who the protagonist would be, but once you get a little way into the story, it all comes together.


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