Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: The Least Likely Bride

This book was included in a sackful of books donated to our household by my mother-in-law.  It is the last in Jane Feather's Bride Trilogy, and, not being someone who can bear to start a series in the middle, I sought out the other two books first.  They were great - not great literature, but a light, fun romp that I basically raced through.  And the third book was no exception.  I read this one in two days.  It was definitely my favorite of the three.

In this book, Olivia, the last of three friends who swore never to marry, meets her match in the person of Anthony Caxton - pirate, smuggler, and Royalist - the political opposite of her father and the very opposite of the man whom she is supposed to marry.  Despite the nightmare of her past which Anthony brings to the surface, Olivia continues to seek out his presence.  As she falls more deeply in love with him, she will have to decide between honor and love, and whether to obey her father and her staid upbringing or to deny her birthright and follow Anthony to the sea. 

I really liked the book.  It had its flaws, but overall it held my attention.  I love books that are packed with action and romance, and this historical romance novel had all of that in spades.  I'd give the book four out of five Whatevers.  The editing could have been better, but I would definitely recommend it to lovers of historical romance, strong female protagonists, and adventure on the high seas.


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Literary Feline said...

This sounds really good! I'm reading more romance than I have in decades; I'm not sure why. I haven't read too many historical romance novels, however, even thought I do love historical fiction.