Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Perfectly Matched by Heather Webber

The next novel in the Lucy Valentine series, Perfectly Matched was everything I hoped for...fluffy romance/mystery/psychic detective story and a quick read to boot.  I read my copy on my Kindle, so it was a copy I purchased from Amazon.  As usual, I loved it.

These books are fun and fluffy and a good break in between larger, heavier reading.  In this installment, a serial arsonist seems to be targeting Lucy's boyfriend's brother Sam...or is it her boyfriend Sean the arsonist is really after?  Lucy is also training with a group of other psychics, trying to expand her abilities beyond finding lost objects.  Will she be able to see visions of the past and present?  Can she teach herself to talk to animals?  What about spirits?

As with all the Lucy Valentine books so far, this one was a good mix of romance, mystery, and the supernatural.  The arsonist story was tense enough to keep me turning the (virtual) pages, and the side storylines of what was wrong with Lucy's friend Preston, and why Aidan Holliday, the state police officer she sometimes worked with, would be ignoring his burgeoning romance with Lucy's friend Em kept me interested as well.

This novel was a good continuation of the series.  Unfortunately, I think I am now caught up on the sereis.  But the ending left an opening for another installment, and I am eager to resolve the cliffhanger!!!  Five out of five Whatevers, just because it was such good fluff.


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