Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Absolutely, Positively by Heather Webber

Okay, I am totally addicted to this series by Heather Webber. These books are so cute! They are a contemporary mix of paranormal, light mystery and romance, and I cannot get enough. I love the main character, Lucy, and her friends. I love her grandmother, Dovie, and all the rest of the kooky characters that populate her world. I'm so hooked that I can read these in a day, but then I'm totally jonesing for more!

I started this one Tuesday, before I left Ohio, but my Kindle battery died on the plane, so I couldn't read the rest of it until Wednesday, after I recharged. In this installment, Lucy is hired through Lost Loves to find the high school sweetheart of a girl who hasn't seen him since they were foster children together. Lucy's investigation reveals some unsavory details about the boyfriend, and she has to decide whether or not to stay on the case, despite her misgivings. She is also aiding the State Police as they look into the disappearance of a dying billionaire, whose family don't seem to care that he's gone. And her frenemy Preston, the newspaper reporter, drags Lucy along while she is chasing the Lone Ranger, a mysterious man who appears out of nowhere, throwing money to the masses. Of course there are other complications: Lucy's parents appear to be getting back together, but will it last? And how serious is she willing to get with Sean Donohue?

These books are like junk food to me. Love them, but a steady diet would be too much. However, that didn't stop me from ordering the next in the series on my Kindle as soon as I'd finished this one. Every once in a while, you need to read something that brings you pure joy and for me, these books do. Five out of five Whatevers. I can fly through these, so they definitely rate that high. Recommended for anyone who is already a fan of the series, for anyone looking for a light read (I think of these as refreshers between headier reading material), or for anyone who likes any of the following: animals, romance novels, cozies, and ESP/clairvoyance-type paranormal stories.


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