Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

This book was sent to me through LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program. I'm about two years behind in my review books, and MAN do I wish I'd gotten to this one sooner. So cute!

The book is a paranormal mystery/romance. Lucy Valentine is the black sheep of her family. Her father's side of the family can see auras, and her father has made tons of money with a matchmaking service (secretly) based on that ability. Lucy, however, had her ability to see auras converted by an electric shock at the age of 14. She can now only find lost items - not people, not pets, just things. She's bopped around aimlessly from job to job until her father's heart attack forces her to take over the matchmaking business.

Her first new client provides the mystery: when she shakes his hand, she gets a vision of a dead body, wearing the engagement ring he never got back from his first disastrous love. She teams with the handsome private investigator-in-training upstairs from her father's business to discover where the body is, who it is, and what happened.

Most of the book was pretty predictable, from the whodunnit to the various romances floating around, but I liked it anyway. It was a light read, what I would call "fluff," but it was also fast-paced and held my attention. And that's what everyone needs once in a while. Having just come off the Read-a-Thon, where I read the same long historical fiction the whole time, this was the perfect palate cleanser. I've already bought the second and third books in the series (one real book and one for Kindle), and I look forward to more adventures with Lucy, Sean, and the gang. Four out of five Whatevers...a point off for a couple of seriously grating grammatical errors that really set my teeth on edge (but I was reading an ARC, so I hope those were fixed before the book went to press). If you like romance or cozy mysteries or light paranormal, pick this one up. I was so glad I did.


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