Saturday, April 9, 2011

T Minus 30 Minutes and Counting

Ricky and I are up and at it. I'm drinking a Diet Mt. Dew, as usual, and he is making coffee. It's a nice morning here in South Florida, and we have the slider open, but I'm pretty sure we'll have to turn on the air before long. It's supposed to get into the mid-80's here today. My current read is Diana Gabaldon's Voyager, which is a re-read for me. For anyone who hasn't been following my blog, I'm re-reading all the books in the series to bring myself back up to speed for the newest published volume, An Echo in the Bone. Ricky will be reading some memoirs of famous folks with MS (his reading has been very MS-centric lately), but I'm sure he has some fiction set aside, too, for when the memoirs get too heavy.

So. We're ready and set to go. Everyone have a great morning and enjoy your reading!

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