Sunday, December 12, 2010

1001 Books

My best friend came down in June for a long weekend get-away to Fort Myers. While there, we happened upon an outdoor mall, in which we happened upon a bookstore, in which I happened upon this book. I'd been thinking about the book for a while. I'd read the lists and challenges of other bloggers who had perused the gigantic tome. I'd wondered how many of the 1001 I'd read. But I wasn't planning on buying the book. Except...we were on vacation, the first time I'd come out of my funk and tried to have some fun, some time to myself, since Ricky's diagnosis. So I threw caution and our budget to the wind and I bought it. I told myself it was an investment, that Ricky would like to look at it, too, that it was useful for the many unknown but invaluable works to which it could open my eyes.

So I bought it. And I read a few entries. And I lugged it home and promptly set it on the shelf and forgot about it. Until this weekend. For whatever reason, I felt like opening the book and figuring out just HOW MANY of the 1001 I'd actually read. It was difficult to determine, because many of the classics I'd read so long ago I couldn't remember WHETHER I'd read them or, if I'd read them, whether I'd finished them. I didn't want to count a book I hadn't finished. However, at final count, if I didn't miscount, that is, I've read 47 of these books. Not nearly enough. So I'm going to challenge myself to a perpetual 1001 Books challenge. I'll keep hacking away at the list and maybe I'll get a few more read before ANOTHER revised and updated edition comes out. I hope so.

How many of the 1001 have YOU read?

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