Monday, April 5, 2010

On a Non-Book-Related Note...

I won a motion to suppress today. It was kind of a big deal for me. The last couple of months have been hard on me, both personally (my husband's illness) and professionally (losing three trials in a row and seeing someone go to prison for a LOOONG time when I thought he shouldn't). So it's nice to know that I've still got it. It's nice to know that I'm keeping cops honest, and it's nice to see a client cry from joy for once, instead of from despair. Not everyone understands or agrees with what I do, but I love my job.

The Public Defender's Credo

I am a Public Defender
I am the guardian of the presumption of
innocence, due process and fair trial.
To me is entrusted the preservation
of those sacred principles.
I will promulgate them with courtesy and respect
but not with obsequiousness and not with fear.
For I am partisan; I am counsel for the defense.
Let none who oppose me forget that
With every fibre of my being I will
fight for my clients.
My clients are the indigent accused,
They are the lonely, the friendless.
My voice will be raised in their defense.
I will resolve all doubt in their favor.
This will be my credo; this and the Golden Rule.
I will seek acclaim and approval
only from my own conscience. And upon
my death, if there are a few lonely people who have benefited,
my efforts will not have been in vain.

(Stolen from the 10th Judicial Circuit of Florida Public Defender's website, but it hangs on the wall in our office, too.)

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Staci said...

Everyone deserves a good lawyer and I firmly believe in "until proven guilty."