Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pretend It's Still...Mailbox Monday!

I forgot to do my Mailbox Monday post yesterday. Then I remembered, but it was too late, since Monday Night Football was starting. So, sorry I'm a little late.
I haven't participated in a few weeks, mostly because I haven't GOTTEN anything in the last few weeks. The hubs and I are trying to stick to a budget, and that means no room for purchased books. But I'm still using BookMooch, and this week I received one of my Mooched books. I'm on a bit of a sci-fi kick right now, and I'm collecting Andre Norton's Witch World series, one book at a time. I've already gotten Sorceress of the Witch World and WareHawk. This week, I received a copy of Web of the Witch World. I'd ordered the original, just titled Witch World, but the Moocher never replied, so I had to cancel and try again. Hopefully, I'll be getting that one in time for next week's MM.
What did you find in YOUR mailbox this week?


Staci said...

Book mooch sounds like a cool way to exchange books without spending a lot of $$. I usually buy 1-2 books a month, while most of my books come from the library. Being frugal is a good thing! Enjoy!

NerdGirl said...

Do you like bookmooch? I'm a little nervous about book-swapping sites but I do have some books that I would be happy to part with in return for something good.

Lexi said...


I love BookMooch. It's done wonders for increasing my library! When we have the cash flow, I buy books, or when we have gift cards, but we've been broke lately...


See above...I LOVE BookMooch. I've never had a problem receiving a book someone promised to send. I wanted to clear some of my shelves, so I signed up last year. It's a good way to get new stuff for just a couple bucks of postage.