Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mailbox Monday

I'm a wee bit late on this one, but it's not my fault! I swear! There was a storm last night that kicked me off the internet, and once I was off, I was too into my book to get back on.


This week, I received two books from BookMooch. One is Now It's My Turn by Mary Cheney. Most of you will remember that she is the lesbian daughter of our former vice president, Dick Cheney. Although I'm on the opposite side of politics, I thought it would be interesting to read her memoir of her time spent campaigning for her father, as well as how she dealt with being an out-and-proud lesbian in a conservative milieu.

Also received is Ware Hawk by Andre Norton. I'm trying to collect all the Witch World books. I've heard good things about Andre Norton and I'd like to boost my sci-fi and fantasy reading.

So what did YOU receive in the mail this week???

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Staci said...

They both sound pretty interesting..Enjoy!