Sunday, July 5, 2009

New News

Well, plans have changed a little. Things happen for a reason, I'm sure. The Husband and I were quite disappointed a few weeks ago when we found the CUTEST house to rent in the neighborhood we love, and someone rented it out from under us. We kept diligently looking (the lease is up at the end of the month), but couldn't find anything we liked in our price range. Just as I was giving up, thinking we were going to have to rent a condo instead of a surprised me by notifying me of a transfer to another office. This transfer solves several problems for us. Number one, it will be a good change for me. I've been in my current office for over two and a half years, and it's started to get a bit stagnant. I like a good shake-up every once in a while. Number two, it solves the housing dilemma for us. The county where I'll be working has much more affordable rentals (and many more of them than our current county does). We'd debated moving there, but at the time, it didn't make sense since we both worked in the county we live in now. With my transfer, we feel a little freer to go ahead and move up there. So now we have SO many houses to choose from, and they are much more affordable. Hopefully, in a year or two, we'll be ready to buy...if the market is still favorable.

In reading news, I'm ALMOST done with my current read, The Fire by Katherine Neville (which I've been working on for QUITE a while). I have about 30 pages to go, and I think I'll be able to finish it up tonight. Then I've got some magazines I want to catch up on...the last couple of months have been VERY slow for reading, even for me.

And now I'm off to finish up on the internet and read those last 30 pages. I hope to have a review up later this week!

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