Sunday, April 12, 2009

Booking Through Thursday...on a Sunday!

I haven't yet participated in a Booking Through Thursday question, but I think it's high time I remedy that. I'll try to continue doing these every week, but some weeks are more hectic than others, and some weeks I'm lazier than others, so it might be hit-and-miss. Here's this week's question(s):

Some people read one book at a time. Some people have a number of them on the go at any given time, perhaps a reading in bed book, a breakfast table book, a bathroom book, and so on, which leads me to…

1. Are you currently reading more than one book?

Nope. I don't read more than one book at once. It is hard enough for me to find the time/concentration to get to ONE book; if I had multiples brewing, I'd never finish ANYTHING. I do, however, intersperse some reading of books and magazines. Right now, I'm dipping in and out of The Best American Short Stories of 2008 while catching up on a backlog of Glamour magazines. (They stacked up while I plowed through Doctor Zhivago.)

2. If so, how many books are you currently reading?

Like I said, one book, plus a magazine.

3. Is this normal for you?

Not really. If I weren't reading a book of short stories, I'd probably finish the book first, then go on to the magazine. One thing at a time, or Lexi loses her sanity.

4. Where do you keep your current reads?

Depends on where I'm reading. Coffee table in the living room, usually, or an end table. Sometimes on my nightstand, when I've been reading in bed.


Staci said...

I can usually juggle a couple at a time but as my mind is going ever so slightly (once you hit 40 it's all down hill) I feel the need to stick with just one!

Your word verification gave me:

mented as in demented!! LOL!! and yes I am at times!!

Literary Feline said...

I tend to only read one book at once too, although sometimes I will juggle two depending on the books.

Lexi said...


I often feel demented. Welcome to the club!


I find that, when I juggle more than one book, one of them falls by the wayside. I might as well read them one at a time!