Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ricky and I bought our wedding invitations tonight. We're printing them ourselves, and we totally lucked out. I had found some that we loved on Office Depot's website last night, but had several problems ordering them. First of all, the price changed after I added them to my cart. Then, the "Next Day Guarantee" somehow only guaranteed me delivery by Feb. 11. So I called the 800 number. After being redirected to "Joel" in India, I got the correct price, but found out that, apparently, only ONE SET of the damn invitations existed ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. And they were special order, so they came directly from the manufacturer. So I got pissed, yelled at "Joel" at little bit, and hung up. Bridezilla much?

Anyway, this evening, Ricky and I decided to go in to a local Office Depot to see what we could find as a substitute. And what we found was that everything I was told on the phone last night was a BUNCH OF BALONEY! Fate must have intervened, because I planned to go to the Office Depot on our side of town, but we ended up having dinner on the OTHER side of town, so we went to that Office Depot. They were going out of business and everything was discounted. We found the exact invitation sets that I loved online for 50% off. So, not only were they cheaper, but the idea that I had to wait till February 11th to get them, because there was only ONE SET available anywhere...that was complete crap.

Moral of the story? I don't know. Don't order online before you check the store? If you want something done, do it yourself? Wedding invitations are a complete racket? Choose your own adventure, I guess.


Staci said...

Great story..don't you just love how all of our American based stores have their customer service in India?

Glad you found them...and yes the moral is never give up!!!

Literary Feline said...

How exciting! I am just sorry you had to go through an obstacle course to find them.

Lexi said...


I just wish they wouldn't lie to me about what their name is. I know very well that the person on the other end of the line is not named "Joel," especially when he can't even pronounce it. I guess they think that we Americans won't be able to handle a more "ethnic" name? Weird.


It almost feels like I'm REALLY about to get married...