Friday, February 27, 2009

Brief Update

I haven't been blogging or blog-visiting much this week. I was in trial on Monday and Wednesday (I lost, if anyone is keeping score) and Ricky and I have been trying to finish up the DAMN INVITATIONS. The good news is, they went into the mail today, so I won't be blogging about them anymore! Now, to schedule the cake-tastings. Mmm.

I also spent both Wednesday night and Thursday night out on the town, with the fiance's brother and some friends from work. That meant I got nothing done: no bills paid, no laundry done, no wedding stuff worked on. So this morning, before work, I had a little breakdown, which freaked the poor fiance' out. It was just a culmination of stress and not getting enough sleep (I never sleep before a trial, and our mattress was getting lumpy, so we had to turn it). I was also juggling competing requests for my presence at events this weekend. I had planned quite awhile ago to go away tomorrow with some girlfriends. It wasn't really the event that drew me; it was the chance to hang out with the girls. Then people started backing out. Then I got invited to do something ELSE with people I am closer to, and I felt a lot of pressure to do THAT instead, but I had already committed to the first I started to get stressed about it and lose my mind. And I cancelled everything. Just decided that if it was making me that crazy, it wasn't worth it, and I would just stay home and relax this weekend, especially after running around last weekend and the trial this week. So tomorrow, I don't intend to go anywhere or do anything. I might not even get out of my pajamas. Catching up on blogs, reading, playing some Wii...those are my plans. Oh wait. Except that I will schedule the cake-tasting. I will do that.


Literary Feline said...

I am sorry about the trial, Lexi. I had to deal with a couple of difficult situations at work myself that were real downers this past week too. Compound that with the stuff my husband's family is dealing with and my recent poor health.

It sounds like you could use some quiet time. You've certainly had a lot on your plate in recent weeks. Enjoy the cake tasting!

Lexi said...


Eh, I'm used to losing...I am a criminal defense attorney! It's more that it's so draining, than the emotional side of things.

I hope you get a chance to relax, too! Sounds like you guys have a lot going on right now.

Staci said...

Absolutely...if it is making you crazy then it is so not worth it!!! Criminal defense lawyer!! Cool!! Sorry about the loss!!

I'm there with you on the cake-tasting!! Sounds yummy and fun!!

Lexi said...

Thanks for stopping by, Staci. I'm still amazed people actually come by my blog and read what I write.

Yeah, I'm a criminal defense attorney. It's so much fun! I never imagined I'd have a job I loved like this one.