Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mailbox Tuesday?

Well, today is my Monday, since I was off work yesterday. And I forgot to post my Mailbox Monday then, so I'm posting it now...

Coming in to my house this week were two LibraryThing acquisitions. I was awarded a bound galley of Ivan G. Goldman's The Barfighter from the folks at The Permanent Press. About all I know of it is that it's the story of a boxer...doing something. The flap copy is not really very clear. But it sounded like something outside of my normal reading sphere, and, since I'm always looking to expand my horizons, I thought I'd check it out.

The super awesomely awesome part is that The Permanent Press ALSO sent me a bound galley of another new novel, The Disappearance, which is another of the "missing child" genre that Wendy posted about at CaribousMom the other day. So now I have two for the price of one review books to check out. Which are going on my shelf, and I will get to them soon, I hope.

What books joined your library this week?


Literary Feline said...

How neat that you ended up with two books instead of just the one! They both sound good.

I received two books in today's mail and even my husband received one. It was a good mail day! Happy reading!

Staci said...

I would love to get books in the mailbox every Monday but I have to settle for going to the library!!! Those sound interesting. I hope the boxer story is good. I find it hard sometimes to break out of my box and read outside my comfort zone!!

Lexi said...

Literary Feline:

I was very pleasantly surprised! Now, if I can only find the time to read them both! One Monday, I'd like to find extra free time in my mailbox.


Luckily, both of these books were free. Although, I do spend way more than I should on books, given the fact that there's a library closer to me than a bookstore. I, too, hope the book about the boxer is good...we'll see!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by the 'mailbox' this week. Lucky you - a holiday. I work in the call center industry and we don't have those - holidays that is. Enjoy your books!

Lexi said...

Ah yes. The benefits to working for the state...no money, but lots of days off!