Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas Wii Is in the HOUSE!

So, this Christmas, Ricky and I decided that, instead of buying each other a bunch of little things, we would just buy our joint selves a Wii. Of course, since that meant no presents under the tree to unwrap, we ended up buying each other a bunch of little things, too, so Christmas was not REALLY any less expensive than usual.

When we decided that it was close enough to Christmas to purchase the gaming system (Thanksgiving), we couldn't find it anywhere. And then Christmas rolled around and we still couldn't find one. And then I was gone to Ohio for a week and a half, and then we were getting used to 2009, and then we STILL couldn't find them anywhere locally.

But Thursday. Oh, Thursday! Target got a Nintendo shipment in and one of those suckers had our name all over it!!! Of course, since we can't do anything major in life without getting into an argument about it, we did that first. Mostly because I'm a control freak and I hadn't slept in two nights because of a smoke detector that needed a new battery. But, I digress.

We ended up at Target Thursday evening. We bought the system, an extra controller and nunchuck, and two games, one for each of us. HOLY CRAP, that was more than I intended to spend. But it's Christmas, right?

So now the Wii is installed, and I will probably be spending even LESS time reading and blogging. Sigh. Just what I needed. Another distraction.


Staci said...

sounds like awesome fun!!!

Lexi said...

This is the first legit gaming system I've ever had. Ricky had a PS2, but my parents never let me have one...that's why I read so much now!

Literary Feline said...

LOL My husband and I are like that too. We say no gifts besides the big one we got each other (this year it was season tickets to see a few Broadway shows), but we can't help ourselves and end up getting each other little stuff too.

I hope you enjoy the Wii. I have friends who play and love it.

Lexi said...

We are enjoying it immensely! We played all afternoon. I'm afraid it's going to consume a lot of our time...