Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pushing Away the Inevitable

I'm spending the rest of Saturday morning trying to put off what I don't want to do...WORK. I have a major trial coming up this week and I need to be working on things, but I am quite disgruntled that I have to spend my weekend, my THREE-DAY weekend, my EASTER weekend, that way. But it can't be helped. Sigh.

I've lost 30 pounds as of today. None of my clothes fit anymore. This should be a good thing, and I am glad, but I'm also broke right now. I can't afford to buy several new suits, new jeans, new EVERYTHING. I WILL get myself a new pair of jeans, however. That was my reward for reaching the 30-pound mark.

Things with Ricky are good. We should be planning our wedding, but I think we're really, honestly just going to call up our parents one day and go, "Hey, can you make it to City Hall next week? We wanna get hitched." Oh, that's another thing about losing weight...I need to get my rings re-sized before they fall off my fingers.

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