Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Christmas with the fam was great. With the exception of the nightmare trip up to Ohio. My flight was from West Palm Beach to Washington DC, then on to Dayton. Unfortunately, when our plane reached Reagan National, fog had beset the airport and we couldn't land. We circled for something like an hour (I'm not exactly sure, as I was asleep through most of it), then put down in Pittsburgh to refuel. We were supposed to refuel and head right back to DC, since the fog was lifting, but after about ten minutes we were told that the fog had descended again and we were stranded indefinitely in Pittsburgh. After standing in line to speak to an airline representative for about half an hour, I learned that there were no alternative flights into Dayton, Columbus OR Cincinnati, at about the same time that I learned we were RE-boarding the plane and heading back to DC. Of course, by the time we reached DC, I had long since missed my connection to Dayton. I was supposed to be in Dayton around 11:30 AM. The next flight they could get me on left at 5 and got in to Dayton around 7. I took it, thinking I couldn't do better. Shortly after eating, I received a call from the airline, which shall remain nameless, saying my flight had been delayed 140 minutes. Meaning I was now getting in to Dayton at around 9 PM. I called the 800-number to try to get a better flight into either Columbus or Cinci. After being transferred to three different people, I finally reached someone who could help me. But her computer crashed, as she was confirming me on a flight into Columbus. So she transferred me again. After holding for about 10 minutes, I was fed up and hung up on them. About ten after five, The Fiance' called, telling me I was on a 5:12 flight into Columbus and I'd better get a move on! (How he found this out, I STILL have not discovered.) I raced to the gate he specified, with no boarding pass or any but the faintest idea I was even supposed to be ON the flight. Of course, there were approximately 100 people in front of me and the flight was boarding IMMEDIATELY. Fortunately, they changed the gate to the one right below it, so I raced down there and confirmed that I was indeed somehow on the flight. No questions asked, I just boarded the shuttle that would take me to the plane. I arranged a ride from the Columbus airport and eventually arrived at my parents' house at 9:30 PM, about 10 hours after I was originally supposed to arrive.

After the travel nightmare, Christmas vacay was entirely enjoyable. I was spoiled rotten by my parents, as usual. Getting to spend time with everyone and enjoy not one, but two! family Trivial Pursuit challenges was the best. My only regret was that The Fiance' could not be there to share it with me.

Nat's engagement ring is HUGE. We spent half a day together, having lunch and browsing David's Bridal for bridesmaid dresses. I tried on quite a few. It's between the chiffon dresses and the satin for her. Luckily, I found one in each fabric that flatters me. I'm hoping she goes with the chiffon, though, because I kind of want to buy the satin one for my wedding dress. In red, of course.

I'm joining Weight Watchers for the new year. I know several people who have had success with that program, and I think it will do me well to have some structure to my weight loss program.

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